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Medtronic Recalls Defective Defibrillators

The LifePak CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators manufactured by Physio-Control, Inc. (which is owned by Medtronic), is subject to a Class I recall. These recalls are the most serious and are conducted when there is a reasonable probability that use of the device will cause serious injury or death.

The automatic defibrillators are used to treat patients suffering from cardiac arrest in hospitals, by emergency response personnel, and even by those without medical training in public places (defibrillators like these are often seen at airports, swimming pools, and other public places). The recall affects devices with the following serial numbers:

37026963, 37026983, 37026984, 37026997, 37027002, 37027008, 37027039, 37027040, 37027049, 37027053, 37027063, 37027065, 37027066, 37027070, 37027071, 37027073, 37027075, 37027090, 37027099, 37027105, 37027122, 37027197, 37027529, 37027569, 37031393, 37037850, 37037893, 37037986, 37038002, 37038211,37038365, 37135986, 37154526, 37154638

The device is prone to malfunction because humidity may affect the analysis of a patient’s heart rhythm, causing it to delay or fail to administer electric shocks.