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AMC recently agreed to pay $8.3 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that it disclosed subscribers personal information to third parties without consent. Individuals covered by the settlement may have recently received emails. In this post, we will explain what the AMC subscriber class action lawsuit was about, who qualifies to participate in the settlement, and how much money you can get.

Lawsuit Filed Against AMC on Behalf of AMC+ Subscribers

AMC+ is a media production and distribution company that sells its content on multiple platforms. One line of AMC+’s business is streaming video services, whereby AMC provides video content (i.e., movies and TV shows) to subscribers through a streaming platform.

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A new class action lawsuit against Whirlpool Corporation addresses refrigerators alleged to have defective wiring that compromises the appliance’s functionality and safety.

If you bought a Whirlpool refrigerator, you likely did because the company has an outstanding reputation of making quality products. But, according to the plaintiffs, the wires, designed to flex with the opening and closing of the refrigerator doors, are prone to fraying or breaking prematurely due to the use of substandard materials.

This defect, often manifesting within a few years of purchase, significantly hinders the refrigerator’s performance by disabling critical features such as ice makers and water dispensers—key selling points emphasized in Whirlpool’s marketing materials. Furthermore, the plaintiffs highlight an alarming safety concern: the risk of electrocution or fire stemming from exposed, live wires, a danger exacerbated by the presence of water and known to refrigerator manufacturers like Whirlpool.

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The Lenovo class action lawsuit alleges that Lenovo sold Flex 5 and Yoga 730 laptops with a defect in the display that significantly impairs the laptops’ functionality.

Despite sending his Flex 5 laptop to Lenovo for repairs twice during the warranty period, the plaintiff, along with many other purchasers, found that the display issues persisted after the repairs. Lenovo was accused of suggesting ineffective repair methods or failing to address the core issue causing the defect.

The lawsuit claims Lenovo knew about this defect but continued to market and sell these laptops, highlighting their high-resolution displays and versatile screen positions as major selling points.

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This page will explain what the vaginal mesh or pelvic mesh lawsuits are about and who qualifies to file a vaginal mesh lawsuit. We will discuss the eligibility criteria that our lawyers use to screen these cases and we will look at the primary injuries involve in the litigation.

About the Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Vaginal mesh, (also referred to as transvaginal mesh or pelvic mesh), is a specialized surgical mesh implant designed to reinforce and strengthen weakened or damaged tissue during surgical procedures, particularly in female pelvic reconstructive surgeries. These surgeries are used to treat conditions like pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, which stem from weakened pelvic muscles causing organs like the uterus, bladder, or rectum to descend into the vaginal area. The goal of surgical intervention with vaginal mesh is to repair and bolster these weakened muscles.

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Millions of women use chemical hair relaxers on a regular basis. In 2022, new scientific research revealed that chronic exposure to the chemicals in hair relaxer products can cause uterine and ovarian cancer. This new evidence prompted a wave of lawsuits against the manufacturers of hair relaxer products by women claiming that they developed cancer as a result of using these products.

Our mass tort lawyers have been at the forefront of the hair relaxer cancer lawsuits from the very beginning. We are currently accepting hair relaxer cancer cases from women across the country.

About Hair Relaxers

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TRESemmé is a popular brand of shampoo and other hair care products made by Unilever, Inc. Recently, consumers have filed lawsuits alleging that TRESemmé shampoo contains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde that have caused users to suffer hair loss.

About Unilever and TRESemmé

Unilever is a major manufacturer of personal care products and it is the second leading manufacturer of shampoo in the world. TRESemmé is one of Unilever’s most popular hair care brands. The TRESemmé Products are sold directly by Unilever through retailers.  Unilever promotes TRESemmé Products through labeling and advertising channels, including representations written or approved by Unilever on retail websites like Walmart.

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On this page we will explain who is eligible to file an Exactech implant recall lawsuit. We will summarize the basic eligibility criteria that our firm is applying to screen potential Exactech lawsuits; and we will describe the relevant injuries being alleged in the Exactech cases.

What Are the Exactech Recall Lawsuits About?

Exactech is a medical device company that specializes in making surgical implant systems for use in joint replacement surgeries such as knee, hip and ankle replacements. In August 2021, Exactech annouced a massive recall covering all of its knee and ankle replacement implants manufactured in 2004 or later.

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On this page we will look at who qualifies to file a Truvada lawsuit. We will summarize the basic eligibility criteria that our firm is applying to screen potential Truvada lawsuits; and we will describe the relevant injuries being alleged in the Truvada cases.

What Are the Truvada Lawsuits About?

Truvada is a prescription drug used for the treatment and prevention of HIV. It helps to control the HIV virus and prevent it from being transmitted to partners. The active ingredient in Truvada is tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or “TDF” which was developed by Truvada’s manufacturer, Gilead Pharmaceuticals.

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In 2021, the cellular wireless network company T-Mobile experienced a major “data breach” that caused the personal information of millions of their customers to be exposed to potential hackers. A class action lawsuit was filed against T-Mobile on behalf of all wireless customers who had their information exposed. That lawsuit eventually resulted in a $350 million settlement available to all impacted customers. On this page, we will explain the story behind the T-Mobile customer data breach lawsuit and outline the details of the settlement.

Following a cyberattack in 2021 that exposed the personal information of millions of customers, T-Mobile reached a settlement of $350 million to address allegations of negligence leading to the breach. This settlement marked the second-largest in U.S. history for a data breach, with Equifax’s $700 million settlement in 2019 being the largest.

The deadline for submitting claims to be part of the substantial payout was Monday, January 23, 2023. However, shortly before this deadline, on January 19, 2023, T-Mobile disclosed another cyberattack that affected a minimum of 37 million current customers.

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On this page, we will look at who qualifies to file a talcum powder lawsuit. We will summarize the basic eligibility criteria that our firm is applying to screen potential talc lawsuits; and we will describe the relevant injuries associated with these cases.

About the Talcum Powder Lawsuits

Talcum powder is a mineral-based powder made from talc, a naturally occurring mineral. Talc is composed of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The powder has a soft, silky texture and is widely used in various cosmetic and personal care products. Talc is a common ingredient in cosmetic products such as baby powder, body powders, and face powders. It is used for its ability to absorb moisture and provide a smooth texture.