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If you’ve experienced exposure to Paraquat and received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, you might have the right to pursue legal action and seek financial compensation. Our team of Paraquat attorneys is currently assessing new cases related to Parkinson’s disease across all 50 states.

This page outlines the ongoing Paraquat class action litigation and provides guidance on participating. Our legal experts regularly update information regarding the Paraquat class action lawsuit. Additionally, our lawyers offer insights into potential settlement amounts, aiding victims in gaining a clearer understanding of possible compensation.


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On June 10, 2021, U.S. District Judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel announced that the initial conference on the Paraquat class action MDL would take place on June 23 via Zoom.

The conference’s primary purpose was to discuss how to organize the plaintiffs’ leadership counsel. The court also heard both counsels’ position briefs that outlined their views on these cases’ facts, claims, and defenses. It ordered the parties to hold a case management plan meeting.

This is all garden-variety stuff, standard fare as an MDL class action gets underway.