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7 Safe Alternatives to Talcum Powder

For decades, Johnson & Johnson talcum products such as Baby Powder were used every day by millions of Americans. That has all changed drastically now as recent scientific research has revealed that long-term use of talcum powder products can cause cancer. The discovery of the link between talcum powder and cancer has led to thousands of talcum powder lawsuits and the disappearance of various products from retail shelves.

The recall of certain talcum powder products (such as J&J’s Baby Powder) has left many consumers looking for alternatives to meet their daily hygiene needs. Fortunately, there are many talcum powder alternatives that do not cause cancer. You can find some of these alternatives in local supermarkets, drug stores, or online. However, others are more difficult to find. The following are seven non-toxic alternatives to talcum powder.

Talcum Powder Class Action Lawsuit Update

Before we get into the safe alternatives, let’s give a quick talcum powder lawsuit update.

Since February, J&J has been seeking to deal with 38,000 talcum powder plaintiffs through use of a controversial bankruptcy strategy. Judge Michael Kaplan is the bankruptcy judge handling that proceeding. Judge Kaplan has allowed J&J to continue being protected by the automatic bankruptcy stay since February 2022, in the hope that it would facilitate ongoing negotiations for a global settlement deal. Those talks have now stalled, however, and Judge Kaplan is threatening to partially lift the stay to allow talcum powder bellwether trials to be held.


Cornstarch is the most commonly used talcum powder alternative. Many industries use it as an anti-sticking agent and thickener. You can find cornstarch in supermarkets, drugstores, online, and retailers such as Walmart or Target. Cornstarch-based powders come in pure or blended forms. Pure cornstarch costs around $1.50, while commercial blends cost around $9.

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Brands include:


Baking soda

Baking soda is a safe talcum powder alternative. However, pure baking soda can aggravate sensitive skin. Use a blend that combines baking soda with kaolin clay or cornstarch. Many retailers carry this ingredient. Pure baking soda costs around $0.79, while commercial blends cost around $9.

Brands include:

Tapioca starch

Tapioca is usually thought of as a pudding ingredient. It is made from the cassava plant. Tapioca is a safe talcum powder alternative that absorbs oil and moisture. It is available in upscale supermarkets and online. Pure cornstarch costs around $1.96, while commercial blends cost around $17.


Brands include:

 Arrowroot starch

 Arrowroot powder is a plant-based substance like tapioca. It is an excellent alternative for individuals with corn allergies. Arrowroot powder has a silky texture like talcum powder and is an excellent absorbent. You can find it in supermarkets, health food stores, and online. Pure arrowroot costs around $2.50, while commercial powder blends cost around $14.

Brands include:

Kaolin clay

 Kaolin clay is found in many soaps, scrubs, cosmetics, and deodorants. The skincare industry commonly uses it because it cleanses pores and absorbs oil. Kaolin clay is great for sensitive skin. It is available online. You can also find it in general retailers and some health stores. Pure clay in bulk costs around $0.89 a pound, while commercial blends cost around $9.

Brands include:

Rice starch

Rice starch comprises ground-up rice. People used it on their faces before talcum powder became popular. Rice starch is a great natural alternative to talcum powder. However, rice starch tends to cake. It is also difficult to find offline. Pure rice starch costs around $4.50, while commercial powder blends cost around $11.

Brands include:

Oat flour

 Oat starch comprises ground-up oats. It is coarser than many of the other aforementioned alternatives. Oats are widely available in many places. You can either purchase oat flour or grind it yourself. Pure oats cost around $2.50, while commercial powder blends cost around $16.

Brands include:


File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

 It is NOT too late to file your own talcum powder lawsuit. If you used a talcum powder product for a long period and were subsequently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, call our talcum powder lawsuit attorneys at 888-322-3010 or contact us online.