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Tepezza Hearing Damage Lawsuits

If you’ve undergone Tepezza treatment for an eye condition and experienced subsequent hearing issues like hearing loss or ringing in the ears (tinnitus), you might have grounds for a lawsuit and get financial compensation. Tepezza, a recently approved drug for thyroid eye disease treatment, has been shown to cause permanent hearing loss in some patients.

Those who received Tepezza and suffered hearing damage are now pursuing product liability lawsuits. Our legal team is actively pursuing cases related to Tepezza-induced hearing impairment across all 50 states. Reach out to us today at 800-322-3010 to determine if your situation qualifies.


January 15, 2024: The Tepezza hearing loss class action MDL currently has 74 pending cases, reflecting an increase of 3 new cases since mid-December. Anticipate a significant rise next month, as new cases have been filed in the last week.

About Tepezza

Tepezza (teprotumumab) is a newly developed medication primarily used to address thyroid eye disease (TED) and Graves’ eye disease, conditions characterized by chronic inflammation in the eye muscles and tissue behind the eyes. This inflammation stems from an abnormal autoimmune reaction, potentially leading to vision obstruction and protruding eyes.

Developed by Horizon Therapeutics, Tepezza received formal approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2020, standing as the sole medication sanctioned for treating thyroid eye disease. It works by blocking a specific protein assumed to trigger the immune response causing TED. The treatment involves a series of injections administered over several months.

Before gaining FDA approval, Horizon conducted very limited clinical trials on Tepezza. The drug was approved without full understanding of its exact mechanism of action, as the clinical trial involved fewer than 100 patients—a very small sample size.

Tepezza Linked to Hearing Loss

During the drug approval process and on its label, Horizon indicated that hearing problems could possibly happen with Tepezza but  the extent of this risk was significantly downplayed and misrepresented. Horizon claimed the hearing loss was usually short and only affected fewer than 10% of people.

But after Tepezza was sold in the US, many patients and doctors reported serious hearing issues caused by the drug. Studies in 2021 revealed that Horizon had underestimated how likely hearing problems were with Tepezza and how severe they could be.

In March 2021, a study in the Endocrine Society journal found that 65% of Tepezza users had some level of hearing problems or ringing in their ears. This was way higher than the 10% risk Horizon had mentioned during FDA approval. Other case reports also backed this up, showing that Tepezza could indeed lead to hearing loss.

Failure to Warn

In the Tepezza drug label, Horizon misrepresented the extent and nature of the hearing damage risk associated with Tepezza. The hearing loss issue was referenced in passing on the label and was entirely inadequate. It didn’t properly warn doctors or patients about the possibility of lasting hearing issues or the importance of monitoring. Horizon should have known about this risk and warned everyone using Tepezza about it.

Tepezza Class Action Lawsuit

Individuals who received Tepezza infusions and subsequently experienced hearing damage or tinnitus started bringing product liability lawsuits against Horizon in 2023. These lawsuits primarily allege that Horizon negligently failed to adequately warn doctors and patients about the true level of hearing loss risk presented by Tepezza.

A pair of Tepezza lawsuits were filed in August and September in the Northern District of Illinois, which is where Horizon has its corporate headquarters. The plaintiffs allege in these cases that suffered hearing loss soon after and as a result of taking Tepezza for treatment of their TED.

In June 2023, the Tepeza hearing damage lawsuits in federal courts were consolidated into a new class action MDL in the Northern District of Chicago. The MDL was assigned to Judge Thomas Durkin.

Potential Settlement Value of Tepezza Lawsuits

It’s too early to predict the exact settlement value of Tepezza lawsuits, given the early stage of this legal process. However, if these cases succeed, looking at past similar cases, we can estimate potential values for settlements or trial outcomes.

Our attorneys believe that successful Tepezza hearing damage cases with strong evidence might settle within the range of $140,000 to $250,000. The specific value of each case will rely on different factors, like the age of the person filing the lawsuit and if they had any previous hearing problems. Cases involving significant and permanent hearing loss in younger individuals might have higher potential values.

Hire a Tepezza Lawyer

Our firm is currently seeking Tepezza hearing loss cases across the country. If  you suffered hearing damage, hearing loss, or permanent ringing in the ears (tinnitus) after receiving Tepezza contact our office today for a free consultation.